Initiative for Sharing Economy Research (ISE)

SUTD Bicycle Sharing System

Our Mission

This project will aim to promote bicycle ridership in Singapore by providing a competent alternative to existing public transport in order to combat rising traffic and rail congestion.

Our Objectives

We will be approaching this through three phases:


Our Design Principles



Student Learning Objectives

The success of this project is not only dependent on the final result, but also of the learning journey we will be undertaking. Having members from all pillars, we can use this project as a bridge to further understand the necessities of inter-disciplinary work. Assignments within the project will be broken down into its respective pillar focuses such as:

  • Designing an innovative bicycle rack system. (EPD)
  • Modelling human traffic, behaviour and response to economic forces. (ESD)
  • Be involved in Singapore’s future urban development. (ASD)
  • Experimenting with future applications to HETNET. (ISTD/EPD)
  • Experience the difficulties and rigours of a start-up. (Entrepreneurship)

2 Years under IDC

We intend to be under the support of IDC as long as we are expanding within the school campus. The estimated end date of our project will be by December 2015. After crossing that milestone, we intend to seek the support of external parties such as URA to support the expansion of this project to the immediate locality of the school. The reason for seeking for external parties is the heavier funding requirement for building and maintaining of bicycle hubs outside of school. At the end of our IDC phase, we aim to produce the following deliverables, aligned to the 3 paths.

3 Paths: Physical, Business and Logistics


Future Development

Post-IDC, we will be expanding to the immediate locality, such as East Coast Park, Expo, Tampines. Tanah Merah and Pasir Ris MRT, and industrial parks around Changi. We will approach the relevant authorities (URA, NParks, LTA etc.) to seek permission to use a plot of land for further tests of our concept in public spaces. We will approach them with our findings from the SUTD test-bed as a proof of concept.

Due to the lack of bicycling culture in Singapore, we will have to work closely with external parties such as URA, NParks, Smoove and local bike enthusiasts to explore areas where cycling can be improved before our project is to be released to the public.

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