Initiative for Sharing Economy Research (ISE)

Research Themes

research theme

Last mile logistics
Leverage social media and social networks to enable shared deliveries for online purchases and shared shopping to reduce shopping-induced trips. Exploit daily trip chaining and its overlapping among individuals to enable the exchange of delivered goods.

Shared mobility
How car sharing might affect investments in cars and related infrastructure (e.g., roads and parking garages), change congestion, and improve access to transportation and on-demand mobility. Develop both ICT and technology platforms for peer to peer shared mobility, including cars and bikes.

Sharing of Spaces – Public, Residential, and Office
Examine how residential and office buildings, and open spaces should be designed with the sharing economy in mind (e.g., shared versus private spaces, co-working and meeting facilities, shared mobility and parking, shared appliances, shared meal preparation, shared child and elderly care), sensor information and ICT platforms for on-demand space sharing. How precincts and housing estates could differ if fully capitalizing the benefits of the shared services and spaces? How should business parks use more effectively spaces, access to cars, parking and logistics?

For each of the above vertical application area, we are interested in the following horizontals themes:

  • The economics of sharing (incentives, cost allocation, pricing, network dynamics, financing, regulation, insurance)
  • The behavioural aspects of sharing (intrinsic motivation, reputational effects, status effects, trust among strangers, privacy and security) and their implications to the improvement of the liveability conditions of the different social population groups
  • Technology and enabling ICT platforms (e.g. identity and reputation systems, payments, mediation and synchronization, sensors, data bases and data analytics, social network platforms and interfaces, etc.)


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